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Exalted Funeral

The Valley Of Forbidden Churches

The Valley Of Forbidden Churches

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Explore a crusader-scourged Forbidden Valley where heretical religions once bloomed like wildflowers.

The Valley of Forbidden Churches is an action-packed zine designed for use with the MÖRK BORG tabletop RPG. 

  •  Presented as a hex crawl, a dozen (mostly) abandoned churches still contain relics and treasures, and a few of them hide entrances to the tunnels below the valley.  
  • The Demonworm Tunnels are a point-crawl where you'll generate features by rolling on (or choosing from) a table. In the tunnels, you risk running into the deadly Demon Worm, but the gold and gems might be worth it. 
  • If you're a careful explorer, you may be lucky enough to discover the Silver City, a dreamlike ruin of former beauty. Ancient beings play a game which involves the fate of the world. Will you intervene? Will you discover the city's last treasures? 

This sandbox-style adventure presents a series of dangerous areas where players could succeed or fail based on their preparation and cleverness. Different forces vie against each other--will you pick a side? You'll need to manage time and risk, planning delves into the valley and then returning to the tavern to recover. The valley is more dangerous after sunset, so plan your trip carefully!

An Exalted Funeral exclusive!
Created by Dan Comstock (Cramulus) (

32 pages, A5, saddle stitched zine, color throughout.

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