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The Army Painter

D&D Adventurers Paint Set

D&D Adventurers Paint Set

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €30.50
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Nothing brings a D&D world to life more than the creatures that inhabit it - and playing with painted miniatures, representing your mighty heroes or foul monster encounters, is the adventure coming to life in front of you.

This official Dungeons & Dragons set of Marvelous Pigments will offer you a perfect starting palette of the basic "must-have" colours to paint your player characters. The set also comes with a free Minsc & Boo miniature to get you started. Miniature may require assembly.

Warpaints are a high-quality acrylic paint range specifically designed to paint highly detailed miniatures. The paint has a creamy consistency and is extremely rich in pigment, 100% non-toxic and always deliver a perfect matte finish. The colour palette in this set has been carefully selected to represent the many creatures and monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Nolzur Says:
"Trust me: if you paint with these very magical and indeed marvellous pigments - your miniatures will look better!"


  • 1x Abyssal Black
  • 1x Lawful White
  • 1x Kraken Blue
  • 1x Bugbear Brown
  • 1x Grey Primer
  • 1x Mithral Silver
  • 1x Treant Green
  • 1x Flumph Pink
  • 1x Angelic Yellow
  • 1x Dragonfire Red
  • 1x Starter Brush
  • 1x Minsc the Ranger & Boo Miniature

Please Note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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