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Anime 5E RPG

Anime 5E RPG

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Published under the Open Game License, this single Anime 5E core role-playing game book contains everything you need to start creating and playing anime and manga RPG adventures. It works as an excellent expansion and companion to other Fifth Edition books as well, offering a unique perspective on traditional fantasy tabletop gaming. Whether you run with Anime 5E by itself or integrate it with other 5E resources, you’ll be well prepared to unleash dynamic and dramatic action at your gaming table!

This gorgeous volume offers a solid 272 full-colour pages with over 100 beautiful illustrations from talented artist across the world. Anime 5E features a laminated hardcover with a durable Smyth-sewn binding that allows your book to easily lay flat and stay open to any page.

Inside the pages of Anime 5E, you’ll find:

A flexible, point-based approach to character features that lets you acquire the specific elements you envision for your character

14 new races that cover a wide range of anime archetypes

Guidelines and rules for playing characters other then medium-size

14 new classes that offer incredible diversity in abilities and talents

Rebalanced standard Fifth Edition classes to level out character abilities

70 wide-ranging character features (called Attributes), each with multiple ranks that expand their scope and utility

36 character flaws (called Defects) that return points to your character so they can power up in different ways to compensate

50 skill proficiencies that build upon the original Fifth Edition offerings and expand into numerous non-combat scenarios, talents, and trades

A veritable treasure trove of combat enhancements and options, including called shots, critical hits and failures, tactical actions, range penalties, dramatic feats, and more

An innovative approach to calculating the Challenge Rating of monsters that considers their full range of features, abilities, and talents – both in and out of combat

Dozens of example adventuring gear, items of power, and fascinating daily devices

Rebuilds of 14 standard fantasy monsters across the Challenge Rating spectrum

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