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Wretched & Alone Wickies

Wretched & Alone Wickies

3 varastossa

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You are wickies, both of you, light-keepers employed by the United States Light-House Establishment. Your job is to tend to a lighthouse far off the coast, and make sure the light is lit every night. 

You have both been brought to this barren rock on a tender ship, to serve your four-week stint before you are relieved.

You are neither of you strangers to hard work, but the days and nights do take their toll. As the weeks go by, will you keep it together or will you turn on each other? What lies beneath the waves? What strange power does the lighthouse hold? What secrets do you keep from each other?

Wickies is a 2-player GM-less rpg based on the Wretched and Alone rules by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders. You take on the roles of lighthouse keepers, one of you will be the older Keeper, who is in charge, and one of you will be the younger Assistant.

Wickies is available as a A5-size zine of 20 pages.

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This game was created for the Wretched and Alone game jam 2020:

Chris Bissette's game The Wretched can be found here:

The Wretched and Alone SRD is available here:

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