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Wretched & Alone Unmoored

Wretched & Alone Unmoored

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Normaalihinta €10.00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €10.00 EUR
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Within a week, they had you hooked up to the temporal projection unit and were running limited tests. Microsecond jumps at first, then minutes. You were up to 4 hour jumps in controlled conditions with only minimal deviations when you heard Sam had been infected. The doctors had said it’d be a matter of days.

You pleaded with your superiors to make the jump. The target: the terrorist cell delivering the canisters. 
Against their better judgement, they hooked you up to the unit and entered the space-time coordinates. It was going to be the longest jump anyone had made: 36 days in uncontrolled conditions. You prayed it would go well.

It didn’t.


Unmoored is a solo journaling rpg based on the Wretched and Alone rules by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders. You take on the role of a fresh recruit in the Tactical Unit of the Department of Special Relativity, entrusted with a crucial mission. However, something goes horribly wrong, and now you are lost in time and space, making uncontrolled jumps at random.

You cling to the hope that they will be able to locate the signal from your relativistic chronometer and bring you back somehow, but with every jump, you find your hope, sense of purpose and identity crumbling.

Unmoored is available as a A5-size zine of 20 pages.

This game was created for the Wretched and Alone game jam 2020:

Chris Bissette's game The Wretched can be found here:

The Wretched and Alone SRD is available here:

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