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Wretched & Alone A Weekend In The Country

Wretched & Alone A Weekend In The Country

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When you were invited to the Adler Country House for a weekend getaway, you didn't expect the after-dinner entertainment to be...


While you wait for the police to arrive, you decide to put your finely honed detective skills to good use to try to figure out which of the four suspects is guilty.

But you had better hurry, before the killer strikes again!

This is the second, thoroughly revised version of A Weekend in the Country.


* * *


A Weekend in the Country uses the Wretched & Alone-mechanics by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders.

The second edition of A Weekend in the Country has a completely overhauled system for clues and accusing suspects!

Chris Bissette's game The Wretched can be found here:

The Wretched and Alone SRD is available here:

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