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Wet water proof SandPaper 180x90mm - 600 grit

Wet water proof SandPaper 180x90mm - 600 grit

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Professional high-quality wet sandpaper for modeling, craft, DIY, and restoration works.

These wet sandpapers have been impregnated with a synthetic abrasive on a waterproof base for wet sanding hand-works. Moisten the sandpaper with water or other lubricant and work on a wet surface, so it will prevent the surface from getting rough.

For a perfect sanding/polishing of your models and miniatures, and combine different numbers progressively progressing from thickest grains (lower numbers) to finer grains (higher numbers), achieving an extraordinarily smooth and even finish.

Easy to cut with scissors to use in different sizes, and also to adapt to other sanding tools.

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