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Umbra Turris Terrain Supplement

Umbra Turris Terrain Supplement

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Discover fantastic places

Terrain is the supplement for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game which contains 6 Terrain Cards and 6 Loot Counters. Thanks to this supplement, you can use special rules of unique locations drawn before the game, and start collecting your Terrain Deck. Your Terrain Deck must contain at least 6 Terrain Cards, but no card can be included more than once. The Terrain Deck must contain at least one card for each alignment and all alignments must be represented in equal proportions. You will find full rules of using Terrain Cards in the Umbra Turris Rulebook.

6 Terrain Cards
6 Loot Counters

Fight on Battle Square, Haunted Graveyard and many other unique locations. Draw a terrain where you and your friends will skirmish, deploy the loot counters and enjoy the game!

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