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Umbra Turris Quest Supplement

Umbra Turris Quest Supplement

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Complete quests to gain spectacular victory!

Quest is the supplement for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game which contains 18 Quest Cards and 10 counters useful during the game. Thanks to this supplement, you can fight for Triumph Points by completing the secret quests (instead of just fighting until you defeat the enemy party), and start collecting your Quest Deck. Quests are drawn before the game to determine your victory conditions.
 Your Quest Deck must contain at least 16 Quest Cards, but no card can be included more than once. You will find full rules of using Quest Cards in the Umbra Turris Rulebook.
18 Quest Cards
5 Hidden Counters
5 Death Counters

Surprise the enemy and gain the advantage, completing secret and unusual tasks. Cards let you bluff and use different tacticts to win. Your quest begins here... 

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