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Umbra Turris Magic Supplement

Umbra Turris Magic Supplement

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Gain mystical knowledge

Magic is the supplement for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game which contains 18 Item Cards and two resin miniatures useful during the game. Thanks to this supplement, you can surprise your opponent with unexpected actions and dirty tricks, and start collecting your Item Deck. Your Item Deck must contain at least 16 Item Cards, but no card can be included more than once. For each Permanent Item you mast include an Item Card of another type (Instant or Temporary). Remember that it is worth having a Mage in your party because only a Mage allows you to draw Item Cards before the game! You will find full rules of using Item Cards in the Umbra Turris Rulebook.

18 Item Cards
2 Resin miniatures - Owl and Spawn of Magic

Strike enemies with powerful relics, call the forces of nature and use dirty tricks. Support your party with ancient and horrible magic staffs, and use cursed items that will blow your enemy off the table!

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