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Tuft Glue 60ml

Tuft Glue 60ml

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It is a water-soluble high-tack adhesive used in modeling and hobby craft projects, specifically designed to create auto-adhesive and repositionable model static tufts or Field Grass. It is ideal for permanently attaching grass tufts, foliage, and other natural materials to scale models, dioramas, and terrains. Helps the flock maintain its shape and vertical position. Tufts can be pre-made or made in their final position. Transparent when dry.

If the repositionable glue, Tuft Glue, is applied on a non-adhesive surface, thanks to its repositionable properties, it will allow you to create repositionable tufts or other repositionable elements by detaching the object from that surface in order to glue it to another surface.

Its special formulation allows it to better hold electrostatic grass and similar materials than traditional Pva glue. It is also perfect for gluing expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene.

Content: 1x 60ml bottle

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