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Thieves Of Earfell

Thieves Of Earfell

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Normaalihinta €10.00
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €10.00
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A light-hearted 5E-Compatible Adventure for characters of levels 2 – 5.


The adventure starts when the player characters arrive into a small village of Payala next to a mountain range and large hills. A smallish mountain only a few miles away from the village looks a bit unusual as it happens to resemble a pointy ear – the mountain is called Earfell and a clan of redcaps hides somewhere in its maze-like valleys and caves.

The adventurers are hired by a retired toymaker, Santor Claos, to retrieve his stolen stockpile of toys. Soon after the adventurers enter the redcaps' lair, they will find out that something is very wrong... 


  • Environment: Mountain, Cave, Dungeon
  • Encounters: Redcaps (goblins), Hobgoblins, Wolves, Giant Rats, Mephits
  • Boss Monster(s): Redcap Witch, Demon (CR 2)
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