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Chuck Tingle

The Tingleverse: The Void Campaign Setting

The Tingleverse: The Void Campaign Setting

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The world of The TIngleverse is broad, encompassing all kinds of worlds and a plethora of genres. From romance to comedy, there’s no telling what kind of adventure you’ll find as you trot through Billings, Montana and the mind of Chuck Tingle.

But there’s another side to this world, a place far from Billings where horrific entities screech and moan across the endless cosmic abyss, where creatures conjure death and destruction as they threaten the very fabric of The Tingleverse itself.

I’m speaking, of course, about The Void.

This book is an expansion for your TIngleverse: The Official Chuck Tingle Role-Playing Game, providing all the tools you’ll need to dive into the frightening existential landscape of The Void with your own horror and science fiction campaigns.

Included within are two new playable types that despise The Void, sabertooth and woolly mammoth. You’ll also find a broad assortment of new unique ways, magic items, and voidal monsters to fill out your Tingleverse games in the endless abyss. What’s more, this supplement offers an in depth explanation of the layers of The Void, as well as suggestions for conquered timelines, to provide a setting that will fill you and your closest buds with suffocating cosmic dread!
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