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Chuck Tingle

The Tingleverse: Monster Guide

The Tingleverse: Monster Guide

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This monster guide was designed to bring detail and depth to your Tingleverse game with the addition of 101 new creatures that vary greatly, each with their own unique set of traits, motivations and challenges.

Featuring beasts from the depths of the endless cosmic void, like the abyssaloom (a massive, planet-like entity that bends the minds of all who gaze upon it), or voidal clowns (warped jesters driven mad after an eternity in the overwhelming darkness of The Void). Even entities as powerful as The Cosmic One make an appearance (a superhero alien who crash-landed as a child in Kansas on some timelines, but ended up raised in The Void and turning to a path of doom and destruction in The Tingleverse).

Also collected within are several monsters of American folklore, like hodags, hoop snakes, mothmen, blue oxen, sinkhole sammies and lovelanders.

Even strange entitles from distant timelines of reality can be found within this fiendish tome, strange and bizarre beasts like leecheetahs, moneybees, and slamwiches.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll have no problem embarking on the adventure of a lifetime with these foes and friends waiting for you in The Tingleverse!
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