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Chuck Tingle

The Tingleverse: Living Object Handbook

The Tingleverse: Living Object Handbook

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The Tingleverse is a mysterious place, packed to the brim with awe-inspiring creatures and things. Of course, sometimes in The Tingleverse creatures and things can be one in the same!

The Tingleverse: Living Object Handbook is an expansion to your Tingleverse: The Official Chuck Tingle Role-Playing Game, designed to bring some of these living objects to life and integrate them into your fantasy world. While the core rulebook explains the guidelines for creating a human, unicorn, bigfoot or dinosaur character, this expansion provides players with 18 additional living objects to choose from when building their Tingleverse avatar.

Listed within are the following new types, each featuring several exclusive cool moves, unique ways and magic items that only living objects can wield:

Gingerbread Them
Haunted Portrait
Living Bicycle
Living Donut
Living Guitar
Living Monetary Unit (Bitcoin/Dollar/Pound)
Living Television
Magic Carpet
Mysterious S Symbol
Physical Manifestation, A Nice Afternoon
Physical Manifestation, The Action Film Genre
Physical Manifestation, This Game
Sentient Coffin
Sentient Detergent Pod
Sentient Die
Sentient Remote Control
Sentient Tree

Along with these new player options is slew of other materials to help integrate living objects into your game, including over 20 new monstrous living object-based enemies, as well as invaluable information on what it’s like to eat, age, live, love and fight as a sentient thing in the world of The Tingleverse.
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