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Petteri Hannila

Tales Of Entropy

Tales Of Entropy

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Tales of Entropy is a story game for 2-6 players. Each player takes a central role in depicting a dramatic scenario that sets the scene for murder and romance, friendship and conflict. The central characters are set against each other from the start, but it is up to the players—and the dice—whether the tense starting situation spirals into chaos and destruction or a blaze of glory at the end.

The game is based on a pre-written scenario, on top of which the players build a rich tapestry of content according to their own vision, creating a unique play experience. The game book includes ten scenarios ready to play out of the box: Want to tell a tale of power, war and love from the Viking Age, or experience an adventure of Sherlock Holmes in the exotic Limehouse? How about joining a struggling rock band near a breakthrough in the 90s, or defending a child with special needs against an obsessive FBI agent.

You can also write your own scenarios, it is easy and fun. You can send your work to be included in the online scenario database and share your ingenuity with the world.

Each playthrough takes around 2-3 sessions, about 10 hours of playtime.

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