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Ignis Fatuus

Tales From The Far North

Tales From The Far North

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Tales from the far north is a mythic adventure set in the northermost reaches of 13th century Europe. The story combines history, folklore and ancient Finnish mythology.

It is the time of the third Swedish crusade to Finland. The Swedes with their western Finnish allies are pushing east. Their goal is to extend the reach of western Christendom to Karelia, and to gain taxation rights over the valuable trade routes. With the mighty Novgorod to the east, the tribes of Karelia are caught between a rock and a hard place. The north is also frequented by Hansa traders who carry strange new things from beyond the Baltic.

This is an age of great change for the forest tribes. Their sheltered and natural way of life is shattered. Old beliefs are under assault as christianity spreads by the sword. Hundreds of years of faith in the gods of the forest and the sky, and the spirits of the wild will not be easy to erase. The church of just one God and his Son is often met with anger and drawn steel.

Tales From The Far North follows a mighty tribal warrior. He has sworn an oath before his tribe's wise man and his gods to fight the encroaching Christian faith.

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