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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: US Swat Team

Spectre Miniatures: US Swat Team

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This team was designed with advice and support from a Officer in the Central Texas region to ensure accuracy of kit, posing and roles that SWAT officers use on call. We would like to extend our thanks for this invaluable information in ensuring the highest accuracy possible with our miniatures

This team comprises of 7 SWAT officers that are equipped for a standard Callout. Every Officer carries an M4, with close to medium range optics, lights and lasers, both visible or IR for night operations. They also carry a sidearm, Flash Grenades, additional ammo, communications, flex cuffs and other specialist equipment. 

Some Officers wear additional body armour to protect the groin, neck and shoulders. One officer carries a ballistic shield to protect against light arms fire.

A Marksman is also present to offer long range support to her team. For this role she carries a Suppressed G28 DMR, with a variable range optic and thermal clip on. This is supplemented with a cantered red dot scope for closer engagements.

These Miniatures are cast in high quality resin in the USA by Blacksite Studios at their facility in Texas.

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