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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: UKSF SRR Squad

Spectre Miniatures: UKSF SRR Squad

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The British SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) are possibly the least known of the UK Special Forces and as a result, the most secretive.

As their name suggests, they specialise in Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Sabotage, Electronic and Cyber Warfare  and other unconventional warfare.

This Squad reflects their specialist nature and is split into Overt and Covert teams, for themed scenario play, where one section can complete an objective with a sniper team providing observational and fire support if needed.

The Covert section are equipped in low profile semi-civilian clothing and wearing a variety of concealed carry belts and rigs – as well as covert plate carriers. One operative carries an ECM device and shoulder bag (which could contain whatever device or devices are needed for the mission). This Operator is also equipped with the ultra-compact and handy MP9. The rest are equipped with MCX Rattlers with extended handguards to cover the suppressors.

The Overt Sniper Team wear traditional UKSF smocks, belt kit and scrim covered helmets. The spotter is equipped with a thermal spotter scope and Minimi Para. The Sniper is equipped with the relative newcomer, the IWI DAN .338 – aided by thermal optics.

Models are metal, 28mm scale and supplied unpainted. Multipart figures, some assembly required. 

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