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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Tier 1 Covert Operations

Spectre Miniatures: Tier 1 Covert Operations

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This team is comprised of very experiences operators, specialising in working within complex, non-permissive environments.

Geared up for Covert and Urban Operations - this team wear low profile chest rigs and belt kit, that isn't immediately visible, especially when operating in vehicles.
They also wear civilian appearing 'tactical' cut clothing, which will aid in not immediately drawing the eye of an observer.

Each Operator carries a very compact and specialised assault rifle chambered in 8.6mm blackout. This round travels at extreme speed, with excellent penetration while being exceptionally quiet. Get the new rules for this weapon HERE

For more specialised tasks, one operator carries a Gen-12 shotgun and another carries a M320 grenade launcher equipped with Pike smart munitions, which offers a precision guided strikes.

In Spectre Operations, these soldiers can represent a Tier 1 Element of 6 or 2 3 man Elements. The following loadout is suggested:

Covert Body Armour
8.6 Blackout Rifles with Suppressors and CQB Build
Mini-Frag, Flash and Smoke grenades
Automatic Shotgun
Smart Grenade Launcher
Personal Defence Weapons

Optional equipment could include:
Augmented reality (glasses)
Hardened communications

These are resin cast, multipart miniatures.

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