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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Task Force CQB Element

Spectre Miniatures: Task Force CQB Element

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These Task Force Operators can be used to represent a wide variety of Special Operations Forces. 
They all wear modern tactical clothing and high end plate carriers with varied but minimal accessories - they aren't equipped or expecting to be in a protracted firefight.

They carry M4 style suppressed rifles with 9 inch barrels and chambered in 300. Blackout for maximum effectiveness in Close Quarter Engagements. 

In Spectre Operations, these soldiers can represent Tier 1 or 2 Elements and can be equipped with some or all of the following loadout:

Body Armour
Short Rifle, with Short range build and suppressor
Night Fighter (optional)
Mk3/Hybrid NVG (optional)
Frag, Flash and Smoke grenades

These are resin cast, multipart miniatures. 

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