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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Task Force Assault Element

Spectre Miniatures: Task Force Assault Element

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These Task Force Operators can be used to represent a wide variety of Special Operations Forces. 
They all wear modern tactical clothing and high end plate carriers with varied but minimal accessories - they aren't equipped or expecting to be in a protracted firefight.

They carry Suppressed MCX Spear Assault rifles with red dot/holographic sights with magnifiers or MVPO optics. The Spear is chambered in 6.8mm, which gives it excellent penetration (we suggest using the Armour Penetration Rules in CQB and Engagement Ranges).

In Spectre Operations, these soldiers can represent Tier 1 or 2 Elements and can be equipped with some or all of the following loadout:

Body Armour
Medium Rifles, with Medium and/or Short range build and suppressor
Night Fighter (optional)
Mk3/Hybrid NVG (optional)
Frag, Flash and Smoke grenades

These are resin cast, multipart miniatures. 

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