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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Russian SSO Assault Element

Spectre Miniatures: Russian SSO Assault Element

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This Element represents the most capable and well funded of the Russian Special Operations Forces. 
The SSO work roughly in a similar way to the US JSOC, being independent in command and structure from GRU and FSB.

These Operators carry heavily modified AK-15s, with Optics, Suppressors and Lasers. One Operator carries a GM94 Grenade Launcher, which can be used in a CQB capacity, utilising plastic or polymer casings on the munitions. 
Another Operator carries the advanced BUR 'flamethrower', which is in reality a disposable thermobaric launcher, designed for urban, or other complex and confined environments.
For fire support, one operator carries the new RPL-20, filling the role of a belt fed assault machine gun, while another carries a Bullpup PKP, again designed for confined environments.

Each Operator carries numerous magazines, grenades and other kit, in a distinctively Russian fashion.

In Spectre Operations, the Element can be represented with the following way:
Training: Tier 1 or 2
Medium rifles with CQB and/or Medium builds and Suppressors.
Assault LMG
Assault Machine Gun
Assault Grenade Launcher
Body Armour
Frag, Smoke and Flash Grenades
MK2 NVGs  

These are resin cast, multipart miniatures.

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