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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Heist Crew

Spectre Miniatures: Heist Crew

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This small team is made up of experienced and very professional organised criminals. They have been working together for years on increasingly sophisticated jobs and are able to equip themselves very well.

Two of the crew carry MPX SMGs. These are very reliable and compact, with a negligible recoil and good rate of fire. The other crew members carry Desert Tec MDR Assault Rifles. The bullpup design make them very compact and maneuverable for working in and around vehicles and confined spaces. Chambered in .308 Win, they pack a considerable punch. Duffle Bags are carried by some of the crew to conceal equipment and extract cash and other valuables.

These Miniatures are cast in high quality resin in the USA by Blacksite Studios at their facility in Texas.

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