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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Criminal Element Heavies Squad

Spectre Miniatures: Criminal Element Heavies Squad

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This Criminal Element group is extremely well equipped and likely made up of experienced organised criminals and combat veterans. They are equipped with drum fed AK74s, with support weapons in the form of a Compact Shotgun, LMG and Milkor MGL (likely loaded with smoke and flash grenades to cause maximum chaos and minimal damage). The leader of the group carries a modernised FAL for long ranged engagements and extra stopping power. All firearms are equipped with a range of optics, lasers and suppressors – which will level the playing field against the most elite opposition. Each member is also equipped with body armour and ballistic face masks, while some have chosen to add additional ballistic protection to the upper arms and groin. They also carry an array of grenades, thermite, hacking equipment and any other tools they may require to get the job done.

These models can be used to represent any Criminal organisation anywhere in the world, as well as Mercenary groups or even some nations Law Enforcement or Specialised Military Units.

Resin models, Multipart figures, some assembly required.

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