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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Criminal Element Gang

Spectre Miniatures: Criminal Element Gang

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Normaalihinta €46.50 EUR
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This Criminal Element operates on a local level, operating coercive control on the population. These gang members would be at home on the streets of any urban environment, whether that be Chicago, Belfast, London, Paris, Beirut or the Gaza Strip. 

They are dressed in a mixture of civilian clothing and hide their identities with balaclavas. They carry an array of firearms, from typical M4s, Galil Assault rifles to more unique weapons that are not uncommon on the streets, such as a Tec 9 SMG, Mac-10, Sawn Off Shotgun and over and under sports shotgun. One fighter carries an heirloom Sten Gun, which is still seen in conflict today. A sledge hammer is carried by one ganger for breaching, vandalism and intimidation. 

These Miniatures are cast in high quality resin in the USA by Blacksite Studios at their facility in Texas.

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