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Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures: Agent GRF Team

Spectre Miniatures: Agent GRF Team

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This Quick Reaction Force, has quickly equipped their respirators, they expect to face some kind of particulate threat, but no serious chemical or biological agents. They wear their regular plate carriers, helmet and other equipment over civilian gear, which they would have been wearing when they got the call to act.

This team is equipped to engage most opponents (other than armour…). They carry a mix of Long and Medium M4s (which have been custom designed for this squad), a lightweight support weapon and a short barreled SCAR H, for defeating armoured infantry in CQB. Other members carry a stand alone grenade launcher, the ever popular MP7 and an MCX Rattler. As these guys are intent on assaulting a position in an urban or confined environment.
The Commander carries a shogun on his assault pack for breaching, while the Assaulter with the SCAR also has an ECM jammer to hinder drone and IED threats. 

They mostly have small red dot optics, gun lights and MAWLs for when they use NVGs. Most of the suppressors are wrapped or otherwise covered to mask heat signatures and to protect from burning exposed skin when manoeuvring in tight environments

Resin models, Multipart figures, some assembly required.

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