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Space Station Zero

Space Station Zero

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Normaalihinta €22.50 EUR
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Welcome to Space Station Zero, a miniatures-agnostic tabletop wargame where you and your friends explore the hidden depths of the ancient station to uncover its darkest secrets... and perhaps survive. Designed to play solo, co-op, or as an adversarial skirmish game, Space Station Zero is created by Adam Loper and Vincent Venturella for 1-4 players.

From the book: "In the heart of deepest space – millions of light years from the nearest system, star, or planet – resides an improbable structure, floating in the silent darkness. Massive and ancient beyond imagination, it sleeps… waiting for wayward travelers to find their new home."

Use any sci-fi miniatures you'd like to explore the massive and mysterious space station you and your crew have found yourselves in after an unsuccessful hyperspace jump. Enjoy a deep campaign system with a branching mission structure and overcome all challenges - and learn the truth of Space Station Zero.

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