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Something Wicked

Something Wicked

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Normaalihinta €15.00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €15.00 EUR
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There is far, far more to this world than meets the eye... a darkness that exists just beyond the light of the world that most of us know and observe.

It is there, on the fringe of reality, patiently lying in wait...

The tales of evil beyond our comprehension that have been whispered for millennia around the campfire. The urban legends about dark rituals, blood sacrifices and secret societies. Terrifying rumours of witchcraft and black magic being used to raise the dead and summon demons under the light of the full moon.

All of these stories are true.

Evil and wickedness exists. It can be found violently piercing the veil for those few who know how and where to look.

People like you.

Something Wicked is a roleplaying game of pulp horror and mystery for 3–5 players by Gareth H. Graham (Children of the Fall, KARMA, Downfall). It uses a lightweight, streamlined engine to get you up and playing fast!

See what your story holds, if you dare...

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