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RGG360 Miniature Holder V2

RGG360 Miniature Holder V2

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RGG 360° (design patent) is the only natural ergonomic miniature holder designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, helping you to adopt the best painting position and minimise unnecessary strain.

Unique features:
– Universal mounting putty – neutral gray: stick any miniature from 10 to 50mm bases
– A smooth universal 360° rotation, helping you to effortlessly position your miniature for optimum painting angles.
– Swappable caps: You can now paint multiple miniatures with just one holder (additional caps sold separately).
– Magnetic dock for improved stability on your painting table – no more knocked-over minis!

Each handle is provided with 15g of neutral gray mounting putty as well as the adhesive metal disc for docking.