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Reign In Hell Demonic Skirmish Combat

Reign In Hell Demonic Skirmish Combat

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Reign in Hell: Demonic Skirmish Combat is a fast, brutal, miniatures-agnostic tabletop wargaming ruleset that pits your hand-picked cabal of demons against your opponent’s to determine who gets to reshape the ruins of Hell to fit their Philosophy. Do you want to restore Hell to its former glory? Tear it all down and watch it burn? Or perhaps try to head back to Earth for some payback? You can customize your cabal, use whatever demonic miniatures you’d like, and tell the stories of your battles through the in-depth campaign system. We’ll see you in Hell.

Designed by wargaming YouTube nerds Adam Loper (Tabletop Minions) and Vince Venturella (Warhammer Weekly) - Reign in Hell is designed as a fun, quick skirmish game that allows you to play using the demon models you may already have from many different fantasy games out there, or build (or 3D print) new ones to make your cabal exactly the way you envision. The campaign system is robust, and allows for growth and customization for your demons as they gain Titles and discover Relics and Essences to increase their powers.

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