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PVA glue 125gr

PVA glue 125gr

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GSW PVA glue, or white glue, is a high-quality vinyl adhesive with high resistance and fast-drying properties specially developed for Hobby and Craft. Non-toxic and soluble with water.

Its translucent finish, when totally dried, makes it especially suitable for work on transparent parts and for resistant and invisible joints in a wide variety of porous materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, foam, sand, grass flock, cork, polystyrene, etc.

It can be diluted with water to achieve the desired viscosity.
Total cure in 6 hours according to room temperature and applied thickness.

The product is presented in a very convenient 'feeding bottle type', which helps its use and application directly on the model or base extending its useful life.

This set contains 1 bottle of GSW PVA Glue 125gr.

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