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Octobriana The Exotic Time Domina

Octobriana The Exotic Time Domina

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €10.00 EUR
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The first drawings that kicked off the history of Octobriana were made in the 1960's Czechoslovakia.

Petr Sadecky transformed paintings of the blonde heroine to serve his own purposes, creating nothing less but an international public domain character. A Russian superhero was born! Since the 1980's Octobriana stories has been told all over the world in the form of comics, songs and even movies.

This collection showcases the classic Finnish Octobriana comics from the beginning of the 1990's combining them with two new stories never seen before! Five artists, Reima Mäkinen, Petri Tolppanen, Timo Niemi, Vesa Vitikainen and Sauli Jokinen produced this book.

Octobriana is conflicting character. Here you can see her travelling with her friends, the Sioux and Apache warriors. The mythical dominatrix leaves Russia, only to be thrown in to the deepest Inferno! Voluntarily she visits Cuba. Always ready to combat oppression of the meek, even in her spare time Octobriana helps willingly the common, hardworking people.

Welcome to the amusing and compelling world of 20th century Joan of Arc in a time machine!

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