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Snarling Badger Studios

Majestic 13

Majestic 13

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Normaalihinta €39.90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €39.90 EUR
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Assemble your elite team of covert alien hunters

Build your team of soldiers from any modern to near-future models you want. Paint them gray and/or black, and you have the mythical Men (and Women) in Black that conspiracy theorists talk about in hushed tones. Stat them up and start playing MAJESTIC 13!

Pick your faction within the secretive organization

Choose from tech masters, the military industrial complex, spy organizations, the world's farmers, and many more groups in MAJESTIC 13. There are thirteen covert bureaucracies working "together" to protect the planet from the deadly aliens of FORCE.

Stop the alien menace from conquering or die trying

Luckily, you have clones back at base if you do actually die trying. In MAJESTIC 13, you'll always have a full team of alien hunters throughout your campaign, but some clones are better (or worse) than others. Staying alive keeps your experience.

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