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Lamentations Of The Flame Princess

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Winnie The Shit

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Winnie The Shit

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An adventure for Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional tabletop role-playing games. It is suitable for characters of most levels but will probably be most fun for characters between level 2 and 4.


The only Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Book to be banned in The People's Republic Of China! (Maybe)

Meet Winnie The Shit, the world's least favourite bear, an utter bastard of an ursus, and his animal supremacist chums!

Deep in Sussex's 500 Acre Wood lives a community of animal-human hybrids, gathering an army to supplant humanity as masters of the Earth, because humanity has proven... unsuitable.

There's also an imprisoned and untrustworthy - aren't they all? - wizard, a secret agent, an invisible conceptual entity, and even an opportunity for gladiatorial combat, if you like that sort of thing.

Winnie The Shit is mostly the fault of Kelvin Green, who wrote Forgive Us, Fish Fuckers, More Than Meets The Eye, Midvinter, Terror In The Streets, Green Messiah, Strict Time Records Must Be Kept, BEE-WARE!, The Curious Conundrum Of The Conflagrated Condottiero, and Magic Eater.

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