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Green Stuff World

Green Stuff World Starter Mega Paint Set

Green Stuff World Starter Mega Paint Set

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Miniature painting starter kit

Discover the unparalleled world of artistic possibilities with the miniature painting starter kit, an exquisite collection of 48 premium paints curated to elevate your creative endeavors. This comprehensive miniature painting starter kit includes a diverse array of acrylic paints, metallic hues, wash inks, master medium, and gloss varnish, providing artists with a versatile palette for crafting captivating masterpieces.

Dive into the vibrant spectrum of acrylic paints that form the core of this exceptional Starter Mega Paint Set, offering rich pigmentation and smooth application. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a budding enthusiast, these colors empower you to express your vision with unparalleled depth and vibrancy.

Enhance your creations with the captivating allure of metallic paints, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your artwork. The inclusion of acrylic inks allows for nuanced shading and detailing, ensuring your pieces come to life with stunning realism and dimension.

Aspiring to be a true master of your craft? The acrylic medium provided in this set is your secret weapon, enabling you to achieve the desired consistency, texture, and blending effects in your paintings. Elevate your work further with the gloss varnish, providing a professional finish that enhances color vibrancy and protects your creations for years to come.

This extraordinary mega paint set is exclusively available on Green Stuff World's website, a haven for artists seeking top-quality materials. Unleash your creativity and transform your artistic visions into reality with the Starter Mega Paint Set, a testament to the fusion of innovation and excellence in the world of fine art.

This starter paint set for miniatures includes 48x 17ml dropper bottles with mixing balls as follows:

1778 Nuclear White
1779 Black Stallion
1781 Cyber Yellow
1785 Ember Orange
1793 Summersea Blue
1796 Kraken Green
1797 Forest Green
1799 Warcry Green
1821 Olivegrove Green
1822 Zombie Flesh
1827 Blushing Flesh
1828 Ochre Desert
1829 Leather Brown
1833 Bestial Brown
1838 Slate Grey
1839 Lollipop Magenta
1845 Eleven Flesh
1846 Imperium Blue
1852 Scorched Wood
1854 Dark Beige
1883 Gengis Khaki
3209 Parchment
3217 Red Truth
3219 Brown Skin
3220 Wonka Violet
3221 Phantom Violet
3224 Ultramar Blue
3227 Arctic Blue
1710 Atramentum black
1711 Blushed Red
1712 Aether Blue
1713 Pecatum Flesh
1714 Vicious Purple
1715 Moss Green
1716 Andalusian Earth
1717 Ancient Sepia
1861 Quicksilver
1862 Anthrax Metal
1869 Shiny Gold
1870 El Dorado
1868 Steampunk Copper
1867 Gladius Bronze
1866 Dark Elder Bronze
1865 Tinmetal Grey
1718 True Blood
1746 Master Medium
2639 Maxx Matte
1744 Gloss Varnish



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