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Legend Story Studios

Flesh And Blood Riptide Blitz Deck

Flesh And Blood Riptide Blitz Deck

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Haunted by a mysterious past, the crafty Assassin Uzuri leads a band of misfits, including a frightening new version of the king-slaying Assassin Arakni, and the merciless Riptide, a trap-based Ranger.

Fan favourite Ranger Azalea returns to take out the competition, while a pair of wandering Ninjas, Katsu and Benji, embark on a dangerous mission in the underworld.

Ready-to-play out of the box, Outsiders Blitz Decks are designed as a fun and fast way to play Flesh and Blood, ideal for kitchen table gaming.

Play as an Assassin, keeping your opponent guessing as you deliver an onslaught of sneaky tricks, or play as a Ranger, pinning your opponent down with arrows and traps while you set up the killing blow, or release fists of fury as a Ninja, darting between their defenses with a flurry of attacks.

Each Blitz deck contains 40 cards, plus hero, weapons, equipment, and tokens.

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