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Everlasting Wet Palette RGG Glass Palette – Painter v2

Everlasting Wet Palette RGG Glass Palette – Painter v2

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RGG Glass Palette for Painter v2!

Oil paints offer a unique set of characteristics and rewards for miniature painters. They can be worked for a long time to easily create advanced effects, such as layering and smooth blending.

We have designed a glass plate insert, so you can transform your RGG wet palette into a dry palette. It is perfect for oil painting and weathering techniques. When sealed inside either our Painter v2 case, it will keep your oil paints fresher for longer. Your paints are ready to go wherever and whenever you decide to use them next.

This dry palette will serve you reliably for a long time. The palette is made of tempered glass, with bevelled edges, rounded corners for easy and safe handling. The neutral gray background will give you the best colour perception. The surface itself can be cleaned easily. 4 durable feet will keep it stable.

RGG Glass Palette Painter v2, compatible with Painter v2, will offer a working area of 225 x 150mm (8.8″ x 5.9″).

What’s inside the box:

  • RGG Glass Palette for Painter v2 – Natural Gray
  • 4 rubber feet