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Dreams and Machines: Collector's Slipcase Edition

Dreams and Machines: Collector's Slipcase Edition

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Normaalihinta €96.90
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €96.90
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The Dreams and Machines collector's edition slipcase set is a beautifully illustrated hardbound slipcase containing the Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide, and a poster-sized map of the Regis-Kasteel region around New Mossgrove. This unique set has all the rules you need to play the Dreams and Machines roleplaying game.


  • 1x Exclusive illustration of Kari and Abe wrapping the slipcase, with embossed and varnished elements.
  • 1x Player's Guide hardback book, containing core rules, character creation, and the history of Evera Prime.
  • 1x Gamemaster's Guide hardback book, with a detailed guide to Evera Prime, GM guidance, and a host of challenging NPCs.
  • 1x Exclusive poster-sized version of the Regis-Kasteel region map, for your group to explore and discover.

Please Note:

  • Printed materials is supplied in English.

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