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Exalted Funeral

Cocaine & Alligators

Cocaine & Alligators

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Florida is a crazy place and a lot of crazy bad things happen here!

36 Backgrounds for Troika!, a short adventure, and a bunch of wild shit based on actual Florida Man headlines and the author's experience living in Florida.

CONTENT WARNING!! This book is for adults only and is meant as satire. Use safety tools and keep it light and fun when you play.

For use with Troika!

The Team

Written By: Jeremy Childrey of Gordinaak Games
Edited By: Jarrett Crader
Illustrated by: Zeph Siebler (SunderedWorldDM) & Jeremy Childrey

An Exalted Funeral exclusive!

44 pages, full color, saddle-stitched, A5 size.

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