Girls only D&D game day: Valkyrja!

Girls only D&D game day: Valkyrja!

VALKYRJA! Introducing a safe space for all women of all ages looking to play, or get started with Dungeons and Dragons. A welcoming place, free of judgement and intimidation where you can play, free of some of the louder and more overbearing parts of the hobby.

First game, Saturday 25th May 2024 12:00 - 16:00. First hour for assistance in creating a character, although you are free to bring a pre-made character sheet for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons! Sessions will be played in English language.

First session: The Whispering Woods Wander! A session for up to 5 players, with characters of level 3First five can join the game, but everyone present can learn about Dungeons & Dragons and we can schedule a new day for everyone interested.

Hark! Juan Schott's cry resounds! In the hamlet of Presham, a tangled, age-old forest dubbed the Whispering Woods has taken to stretching its boundaries with an unnatural haste, gobbling up farms and hamlets alike. Whispers abound of sentient trees, murmuring secrets from ages long past. The lord, driven to desperation by the relentless advance of the woodland, has proclaimed a decree, pledging wealth to any bold enough to venture into the very heart of the forest and unearth the root of its sudden expansion. To any who harbor a fascination for foliage, take heed and venture forth.

Cost... nothing!

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