Winter Weathering Set

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This box contains 7 Model Color paints + 1 Wash in 17 ml., 1 texture in 35 ml., 2 brushes and 1 sponge, for the creation of winter weathering effects, and step by step photographs made by Heinz Wagner y Marcus Förster

1x 70818 Red Leather
1x 70863 Gunmetal Grey
1x 70869 Basalt Grey
1x 70872 Chocolate Brown
1x 70874 Tan Earth
1x 70919 Foundation White 
1x 70950 Black
1x 73200 Sepia Wash
1x 26232 Sandy Paste
1x P54000 Toray Brush
1x P55004 Toray Drybrush 
1x Sponge