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The Necronomicon

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The Necronomicon

Aletti, Brown, Brunner, Carter, Chappell, deCamp, Dockweiler, LaVond, Long, Lovecraft, Lowdnes, Pelton, Pohl, Price, Pudelwitts, Silverberg, Smith, St. Albans, Tierney, Wellman

Although skeptics claim that the Necronomicon is a fantastic creation of H.P. Lovecraft, true seekers into the esoteric mysteries of the world know the truth: the Necronomicon is a blasphemous tome of forbidden knowledge written by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred. Even today, after attempts over the centuries to destroy any and all copies in any language, some few copies still exist, secreted away.

Within this book you find stories about the Necronomicon, different versions of the Necronomicon, and two essays on the blasphemous tome. Now you too may learn the true lore of Abdul Alhazred.


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