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The Manor Issue #3

The Manor Issue #3

3 varastossa

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The Manor is back with more old school gaming goodies.  Within these pages you'll find:

The Village of Aberton is suffering from a mysterious sickness.  Undead have been spotted on the dark countryside.  The Baron has not responded.  The monks of Ambrose Abbey seemed to have abandon Aberton.  Only a group a kick ass adventurers can cure this disease.

Pog Nog strolls through the streets with his creaky wheeled cart.  He's got a surprising selection of trinkets.  He's got stuff you don't even know you need, but he'll make sure the right item gets the right person. 

And the Monster Hunter class.  This class was created for the Blood & Treasure RPG, but can kill monsters in any edition of any game...ever. 

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