Stjernheim: The Siege Of Deepknell Hold

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Pientä hyllykulumaa. Peli on käytetty. Myydään vain settinä Vagabonds Of Dyfed + Vagabond's Cyclopedia + Stjernheim: The Siege Of Deepknell Hold + Dortoka: City On The Sea Of Glass!

A nordic fantasy sandbox adventure module for Vagabonds of Dyfed and other OSR games

  • New lineages and monsters for nordic fantasy
  • Full maps and illustrations
  • An entire adventure with over 30 pages of content

This is a nonlinear adventure module for Vagabonds of Dyfed, but is easily convertible to most OSR systems. It’s best suited for three or more low-level player characters, and can take upwards of ten sessions to complete, although expeditious groups could certainly complete it faster.

In this adventure, the PCs become entangled in a contest between three factions battling for control over an ancient and abandoned dwarven ruin: Svartalyd (which some translate as “deep sound” or “deep knell”). This adventure features giants, undead dwarves, ancient weapons of magical mass destruction, cabals of cannibalistic druids, political hate triangles, stranded wizards, fort sieges, and more.