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RPG Dice Wall Decoration Set

RPG Dice Wall Decoration Set

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Normaalihinta €20.00
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €20.00
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  • HQ THICK WOODEN DESIGN: Each set comes with a wooden dice outline for each of the seven dices used in roleplaying games - D20, D12, 2xD10, D8, D6, D4.
  • SUBTLE GEOMETRIC DESIGN : Perfect decoration that any roleplayer will instantly recognize, and your non-gaming friends / partner will just see as modern geometric shaped wall decoration.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Use in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office... Against the wall, closet, door above your door-frame, mirror... The options are limitless.
  • INSTALL ANY WAY YOU WANT: Seven seperate, easy to install, dice outline designs give you the freedom to install them in any configuration you want!
  • GREAT SIZE: No cheap & deceptive mini designs that are barely viewable from a distance! Each of our 7 designs are 0.2 inch thick and a 6 inches tall!
  • GREAT GIFT: Perfect gift for any RPG or Boardgame player that's sure to delight any roleplaying or boardgame fan!

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