Random Esoteric Creature Generator For Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games And Their Modern Simulacra

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48 page a5-sized softcover edition (full color)

Words by James Edward Raggi IV
New Art by Yannick Bouchard and Jan Pospíšil
Graphic Design by Jez Gordon

This is the Tenth Anniversary Edition of the RECG complete with a restoration of the original text. Includes the three introductions used (or proposed) in previous editions, plus a new one. Also includes an archive art gallery with the art from past editions.

The Generator itself is a table-based random monster generator designed to create quite unusual, but usable, monsters for your game. It was originally self-published in early 2008, and then picked up for a more professional edition by Goodman Games at the end of 2008. And then years later, it has come home for an ever fancier edition with all-new artwork and a new layout.