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Purple Warlock Issue 2 – Miniature Hobby Magazine

Purple Warlock Issue 2 – Miniature Hobby Magazine

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Purple Warlock Issue 2 includes exclusive miniatures of Sheol-morg Champions.
Purple Warlock is Spellcrow's magazine which includes painting tutorials, hobby articles, new rules for Spellcrow games, short stories, pieces of lore from Umbra Turris Universe, and a lot of other things!

Contents of Issue 2:
  • Miniature painting tips
  • Fantasy stories from Argatoria
  • New miniatures
  • New rules for Argatoria Wargame
  • Rules for Sheol-morg – Dark Empire of the North
  • Rules for Gaeldor – Barbarians of the Agalloch Forest
  • Lore – Sheol-morg and Gaeldor
  • Sculpting workshop
  • Introduction to Argatoria Wargame
  • Hobby articles about dioramas
  • Reports from Argatoria meetings
  • Wonderful illustrations from the Umbra Turris Universe
  • From players to players: Alternative armies deployment in Argatoria
  • Rules summary for Argatoria

Language: English
Format: Printed
Number of pages: 44

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