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Exalted Funeral

Primal Quest: The Cave Of Our People

Primal Quest: The Cave Of Our People

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The people of Lakit live south of a stony hill with a small cave where they have buried their ancestors. The cave also serves as a link between them and the wise spirits who reside inside. It is thus used to initiate newcomers to the customs of the People of the Vale.

Adventure Situation

The characters are being initiated and welcomed as members of the tribe. They must go through a ritual in the caves to complete this process.

They will drink tea made with rare herbs and magic mushrooms by Brikla, the village elder, shaman, and leader. They will have an extrasensory experience, effectively “traveling” to a supernatural space that will reveal things about the setting’s past and possible future, giving them an opportunity to learn more about the world and themselves.

Requires Primal Quest - Essentials

The Cave of Our People is an introductory adventure for Primal Quest, the Weird Stone & Sorcery Adventure Game!

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