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Exalted Funeral



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The road to redemption is long and fraught with much peril...

NIGHTFALL is a tabletop miniatures adventure game for solo or cooperative play.

In NIGHTFALL, you play as a fallen knight on the road to redemption. Sentenced to death in the mysterious Dark Pine, if you can survive in the forest until dawn, you will be spared and granted a life of exile. Fast-paced and unforgiving, NIGHTFALL is easy to play, but difficult to master.


  • A four adventure narrative campaign
  • Four unique and deadly monsters to challenge you
  • Two specialized classes of knight to choose from
  • Treasure tables providing replayability
  • A level advancement system that offers character customization
  • Tips on creating your own NIGHTFALL adventures, monsters, and items for extended play
  • Printable paper miniatures with artwork designed for NIGHTFALL.

An Exalted Funeral Exclusive!

Created by Alex Van Allen

36 pages, A5, saddle stitched zine, full color cover and interiors.

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